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  • Senior Care Family support Resources/Support/Mediation

  • Spiritual support/techniques

  • Your Family Chaplain 

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Adding horse power to
become your best self

Your guidance and unique style created a fabulous ceremony that was perfect for us!
~ Danyel, Bride

My anxiety went down and my excitment went up thanks to your good planning and communications  ~ Elexis and Chris, Bride &

Thanks for your creative and cooperative work with the venue and vendors!  As always, we appreciate your consistent great quality and experience.
​~ Gateway Canyon Resort, Event Coordinator
Fast results to a happier life
in just 3 sessions!

Gain self mastery when you can't control your circumstances

Stop surviving & 
Friendly non-judgmental
conversations and
practical tools that support you at work and home

Run down with stress? 
Put horse power into your health!

Need more energy and peace of mind?
Struggling with Work Fatigue
Feeling stressed or anxious?
Grieving a loss or relationship?
Coaching Sessions
+ Locally in person
+ Live video
+ Phone call 

> On-call for emergencies
> Flexible payment options

Seminars and Keynote Speaking
  + High quality training and
     presentations with or without  
     horses present
~  Quick tips & techniques to lower stress on-the-go!
~  Empowering support to immediately maximize energy & lower anxiety
~  Shift your focus from "problem solving" to "solution finding"
~  Strengthen your mind, body, spirit, and relationships! 
~  Think & act clearly during crises
~  Recover faster from fatigue
Blaine listens without judgement, asks questions to help me process my situations,
and then gives me spiritual practices that help
me feel better immediately and move foward with good solutions.   ~ 2 yr. client

I unload my personal and professional stuff on
Blaine, and he helps me to look at it all through spiritual lens. Then he guides me toward practical resolutions that work best for my unique sitatuions. The bi-monthly sessions, sometimes on the phone and usually in-person, helps me avoid taking tons of medications to cope with life. ~ 5 yr. client 

Senior Care Family Resources/Support/Mediation


Convenient support for:
   ~ Facilitating family        
       conversations to
       brainstorm solutions
      & resources.

   ~ How to relate to a family
      member  with dementia

   ~ Referrals to local trusted

  ~ On-going emotional,
      relational, spiritual care

  ~ On site: home, rehab,    
      elder care facility

  ~ Choose the package that
      best fits your needs

  ~ Flexible payment options

​​> Worried about your senior loved one's future?
> Exhausted from the tasks of supporting your older family    
> Don't see eye-to-eye with a sibling?

~ Get on the same page as a family
~ Find new options & solutions for your intergenerational family
~ Rediscover happiness! Recover from compassion fatigue & stress
~ Trusted elder care attorneys, in-home care, long-term care plans
~ Learn how to lower anxiety and persevere through crises
~ Support your senior loved ones without sacrificing yourself
I get to be a daughter again! Thanks for your support Blaine.
Mom said that she really enjoys visiting with you. She finds it very easy to talk with you...

I haven't heard her that relieved and happy in a long time .
Thank you!  ~Diane

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Personalized Family Chaplaincy

~ Blessing rituals 
       home, pets,    
      Birthdays, etc. 

~ Baptism Ceremony
       infant, teen, or adult
       in home, nature,
       or church

~ Weddings
      Various venues,
       tailored for the couple
       Pre-marriage support
~ Confidential Guidance
      Individuals, couples,

~ Informal mediation
      Elder care planning,
      Big decisions
      Relationship care

~ Celebrations of Life
       Memorial services
       in nature, home, or

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